The Product

The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, EZ-Off Glove is a hybrid cooking glove that is heat and water resistant. With its’ webbed configuration instead of the traditional independent finger configuration, it has the comforts of a mitt but the work capability of a glove.

It is designed to be an all purpose pair of gloves that can be used in the cooking process from beginning to end. It provides a solution to common obstacles faced during the cooking process such as chopping, baking and even BBQing.

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It is an all purpose, multi-use glove that is sure to be useful in any kitchen or outdoor cooking space. It will revolutionize the way people approach cooking, by simplifying the process and reducing clean up time. To enable EZ on EZ off capability, it has magnetic engagements on the inner wrists. This feature works successfully so there is no need to touch the glove body at any point to remove the gloves.

In addition, this EZ on EZ off engagement system keeps the gloves consolidated in the prayer position when not in use. They are easy to store and are intended to replace any other gloves you may already have in your kitchen because of their unique hybrid design.

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